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These are photographs taken at  the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo in Egypt famous for the Step Pyramid, the oldest stone built monument in the world dating from 2600BC.

 Saqqara Step Pyramid at entrance 6782EG07JHPGolden Coffin Saqqara Museum 6841EG07JHP Saqqara Egyptian Tomb 6892EG07JHP Saqqara  Unas Pyramid 6895EG07JHPEgypt Pyramid of Unas 6900EG07JHP

 The Step Pyramid Saqqara 6901EG07JHPDashur Pyramids fm Saqqara 6903EG07JHP Saqqara Fluted Entrance Columns 6913EG07JHPStep Pyramid fm Festival Court 6918EG07JHP  Step Pyramid fm Festival Court 6919EG07JHP

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