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The photographs here are taken at Abydos Temple and the Small temple of Ramses 11. Please note larger versions of these with more detail are on Jason's site. These include the famous UFO helicopter lintel and the awesome flooded ruins of the Osireion. The last two coloured reliefs are from the small Ramses Temple and still survive in remarkably good condition despite being in continuous daily exposure to the Egyptian sun. Many more photographs of this site are available on Alamy.com.


 Abydos Temple Entrance 5321EG07JHPAncient Egypt Abydos Relief 5327EG07JHP Abydos UFO Helicopter Lintel 5345EG07JHP Abydos Temple Hypostyle Hall 5351EG07JHP Abydos Temple Bull Relief 5370EG07JHP

 Abydos Osireion Egyptian Temple 5374EG07JHP Abydos Osireion Temple 5379EG07JHP Abydos Osireion Highview 5396EG07JHP Abydos Ramses Temple Carving 5409EG07JHP Abydos Ramses Small Temple Barque 5422EG07JHP

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