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There are a selection of Aberdeenshire Stone Circle sites illustrated in the photographs on this page from Tomnaverie and The Nine Stanes on Royal Deeside to the Donside and Buchan sites such as Aikey Brae and Strichen.

There are larger versions of these photographs on Jason's site and more of my ancient stone photographs on Alamy.

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Tomnaverie Recumbent and Flankers TO264537JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland with Lochnagar is distance

Tomnaverie Stone Circle Deeside SO20052JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle on Royal Deeside with large easterly flanker on left side

Nine Staines RSC TO121073JHP

Nine Stanes Stone Circle in Mulloch Forest south of Banchory

Autumn Gold over Stone Circle TO121078JHP

Nine Stanes Stone Circle in autumn larch forest on Garrol Hill

Strong Tree Shadow over Ancient Stone TO121079JHP

Nine Stanes flanker and recumbent under golden larches

Garrol Wood Stone Circle TO121080JHP

Nine Stanes recumbent and flankers back lit with morning sunshine

Nine Staines Recumbent Stone Circle TO121081JHP

Nine Stanes Stone Circle from one of outer monoliths

Cullerlie Stone Circle Aberdeenshire TO271127JHP

Cullerlie Stone Circle near Garlogie west of Aberdeen near River Dee

Monolith at Scottish Stone Circle TO27129JHP

Cullerlie Stone Circle with one of large outer ring monoliths

Cremation Site at Stone Circle TO27132JHP

Cullerlie Stone Circle were cremated bones were buried under cairns

Aberdeenshire Stone Circle TO27140JHP

Cullerlie Stone Circle general view looking northwards

Cullerlie Stone Circle TO27141JHP

Cullerlie Stone Circle

Glassel Stones Circle on Deeside TO2773793JHP

Glassel Stone Circle set in forest near Torphins on Royal Deeside

Glassel Stones Aberdeenshire TO2773794JHP

Glassel Stones, a ceremonial circle of smallish stones of Campfield to Banchory road

Pictish Symbol Stone Aberdeenshire TO187049JHP

Pictish Carvings on Stone set in Broomend of Crichie near Inverurie

Broomend of Crichie Henge Donside TO187055JHP

Broomend of Crichie Henge a Donside ceremonial site near River Don by Port Elphinstone

Aikey Brae Recumbent Stone Circle TO188053JHP

Aikey Brae Stone Circle on Parkhouse Hill near Mintlaw in Buchan Aberdeenshire

Aikey Brae Scottish Stones Circle TO188056JHP

Aikey Brae Recumbent Stone Circle from fallen monolith

Aikey Brae Fallen Monolith TO188057JHP

Aikey Brae Stone Circle in northern Aberdeenshire from fallen monolith

Aikey Brae Recumbent Altar Stone TO188061JHP

Aikey Brae Recumbent right of centre with outer ring to left

Strichen Stone Circle Fraserburgh TO197060JHP

Strichen Stone Circle on east coast of Aberdeenshire near Fraserburgh

Strichen Recumbent and Flankers TO197061JHP

Strichen Recumbent Stone Circle with restored flankers and altar stone

Strichen RSC Aberdeenshire TO197063JHP

Strichen Stone Circle giving panorama of an almost complete site

Strichen monolith viewpoint TO197065JHP

Strichen Stone Circle looking over ring to distant recumbent & flankers

Strichen Stone Circle shadows TO197066JHP

Strichen Stone Circle against mid day sun

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