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ASWAN Town and Environs.

This initial selection of photographs captures the night life of the Aswan souk with all its colours and smells. Larger versions and a much wider selection of  Aswan photographs are available on my own library Crooktree.com or on Alamy.com

Aswan Sunset EG02AE1JHP

Sunset over River Nile at Aswan with the northern bluff of Qubbet El-Hawwa with its Tombs of Governors an interesting visit by local ferry and not too hard climb up stone stairs

Egyptian Sunset Nile EG02AE2JHP

Sunset over River Nile at Aswan with the northern bluff of Qubbet El-Hawwa with its Tombs of Governors viewed from where the east bank where the cruiseboats berth

Aswan souk EG02AE6JHP

Evening is a good time to visit the Aswan souk as it is much cooler, has very few tourists and is the time when the friendly Egyptian locals do their shopping

Egyptian Bazaar EG02AE8JHP

Colour and variety as well as plenty of friendly locals in the cool of the evening is a fascinating time to visit the Aswan souk

Aswan Blacksmith EG02AE13JHP

Friendly blacksmith who was happy for 1E to be photographed at work in the Aswan souk on an evening visit

Aswan Souk Shop EG02AE23JHP

One of many colourful displays that line the long Aswan souk which runs adjacent to the River Nile Corniche for well over a mile

Egypt Souk Shop EG02AE25JHP

A typical spice and general merchants shop on the Aswan souk and often with small bazaars with more shops inside and all a riot of spicy smells and colour

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