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This Gallery is a selection of photographs taken throughout the 2003 season  sourced from scanned 35mm Provia 400asa slides (rated at 1600) and some digital images using a Fuji S2. Towards the end of the year, we experienced two major and very rare displays over the whole of the UK and these have been given separate galleries as you will see on the Aurora Galleries page.

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Aurora Arc Active au03001

29th March 2003 at 22.19hrs UT Very active arc to north

Aurora Rays Flaming au3002

29th March 2003 at 22.25hrs UT Strong rays burst off the arc looking to north

Rays Breaking off Arc au03003

29th March 2003 at 22.35hrs UT with active rays to north and activity above and below the arc

Active Arc to West au03004

29th March 2003 at 23.20hrs UT Arc breaking with many rays to west

Aurora Oxygen Red Rays au03005

30th March 3003 at 23.40hrs Ut Second night of activity with strong red colouration from high level oxygen gas

Folding Aurora Arc au03006

4th April 2003 at 23.57hrs UT. Folding arc with rays activity to the north

Spring Aurora Corona au03007

30th May 2003 at 00.38hrs UT. Very faint aurora corona in almost summer time lack of darkness.

Scottish Summer Aurora au03008

27th July 2003 at 00.03hrs UT Summer Aurora with nitrogen gas purple colouration with very little darkness

Purple summer Aurora au03009

27th July 2003 at 00.14hrs UT. Purple hues of northerly display in height of British Summertime

Royal Deeside Summer Aurora au03010

27th July 2003 at 00.35hrs UT Fisheye capture of northerly summer display loking towards lights of Torphins

July Aurora over Scotland au03011

27th July 2003 at 00.36hrs UT Fisheye showing spread of active northerly rays during British Summertime display and excellent proof that Aurora displays are not a cold weather or winter event only

Realistic average display au03013

21st Aug 2003 A pooere quality display with rays to the north but gives a very good illustration at how many of the average displays appear even during the winter months

Faint Aurora to North au03014

18th Sept 2003 Faint Aurora low on the northern horizon line in Aberdeenshire 25 miles west of Aberdeen

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