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Aurora Borealis activity photographed at Crooktree in the early evening of 20th November, 2003 and these photographs are scans from Provia 400asa 35mm slide film, processed at 1600asa. A further selection of digital photographs will be added in another gallery.

They were taken using a Nikon FG20 and mainly a Sigma 15mm f2.8 Semi Fish eye lens for exposures of around 20 seconds using a locking cable release.

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Scottish Aurora Corona abp00388

14.41hrsUT(GMT) One of the most exquisite Aurora Borealis displays I have ever seen and this celestial firework hangs to the West over Leyton Farm near Kincardine O'Neil

Aurora Corona above Ord Fundlie abp03810

17.42hrs looking SW over Ord Fundlie forest the sweep of the Corona's zenith is breathtaking

Corona rays over Royal Deeside abp03811

Some 25 seconds later, this is looking back up the hill in a NW direction as the display quietens down in that direction

Expanding Aurora Corona to South abp03814

A minute later and this semi fisheye view is to the South in the direction of the River Dee and also shows a very rare green Arc over the hill line

Deeside Aurora Corona abp03815

17.43hrs and still a huge early evening zenith with this upright photograph showing the full extent of this Northern Lights display in the sky overhead

Rays extend eastwards abp03816

A minute later and this upright is looking to the NE, towards Torphins and the direction of Aberdeen towards the right of the photo.

Scottish Corona Builds again abp0317

17.50hrs and back towards the SW with a new display starting to build, the waxing and waning of Aurora displays is a common feature.

Corona rays in Scotland abp03826

18.16hrs and after some digital photography the 15mm captures something fo the scale of this very distinct Corona towards the South

Corona Zenith over pine forest abp0327

Again an upright format captures the height of this display and the developing strength of the zenith

Awesome Aurora Rays abp03828

18.18hrs and the zenith swings vertically creating the gigantic sweeping arm in the SW night sky over Royal Deeside

Aurora Corona above Royal Deeside abp03829

Back again towards the South and the zenith tilts back with a movement that often is called the Merry Dancers although this is more a slow waltz to many I have seen.

Scottish Aurora Corona develops abp03831

18.19hrs and the Corona is really getting active with the forest outline giving it an even greater sense of drama

Corona above Ord Fundlie Larch abp03832

20secs later and the zenith has changed very noticeably and that is so hard to capture in still photography, the great movement and shape changes of active displays

Corona zenith above larches abp03833

Swinging round and making use of the side of the forest to give a fuller impression of the scale and height that this display has reached

Aurora Rays East to Aberdeen abp03836

18.20hrs and unfortunately evening class teaching duties prevail as the view to the East in the Aberdeen direction shows the Aurora Borealis welcoming home the commuters to Torphins

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