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Aurora Borealis activity photographed at Tomnaverie Recumbent Stone Circle at Tarland, on Royal Deeside and these photographs are scans from Provia 400asa 35mm slide film, processed at 1600asa. A further selection of digital photographs will be added in another gallery.

They were taken using a Nikon FG20 and mainly a Sigma 15mm f2.8 Semi Fish eye lens for exposures of around 20 seconds using a locking cable release.

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Aurora Borealis over Tomnaverie ab003092

21.59hrs UT(GMT) Tomnaverie Stone Circle and first choice after the teaching duties were over and some digital photos already in the can

Aurora over Stone Circle ab003094

An upright captures the northerly arm of the Corona sitting over the recumbent and easter flanker of the Bronze Age monument of Tomnaverie Stone Circle

Aurora Corona over Royal Deeside ab003916

22.05hrs and this weird shaped Corona canopy like some huge celestial jellyfish about the envelope the Stone Circle

Aurora Corona beyond Stone Circle Flanker ab003917

Like the cover of some Sci Fi book this canopy spreads over the South West skyline towards Lochnagar and Royal Deeside

Tomnaverie Stone Circle and Aurora ab003931

22.32hrs and after a digital photo session the full scope of the 15mm Sigma captures the developing Corona, here sighted over the West flanker

Aurora rays over Flankers ab003933

22.35 and repositioning to make use of the main recumbent and both flankers of this 4000year old burial site in Aberdeenshire

Rays of Aurora on Deeside ab003934

Thoughts of ceremonial cremations are the feel of these rays of orange giving an apposite backdrop to this reminder of our very ancient "Scottish" ancestors

Orion and Aurora Corona ab003102

23.01hrs and the zenith has grown and here is captured towards Orion and the SE from the side of the large West flanker

Aurora Corona over monolith ab003109

Making use of the flanker to set off the dominating zenith or centre of the Aurora Borealis Corona or crown shape as it builds to the South

Stone Age Flanker against Corona ab031010

23.03hrs and the zenith is now filling all the overhead night sky

Aurora to West at Tarland ab031018

23.11hrs and the Corona has now extended over all horizons and this photograph is to the West capturing the hill of Morven and lights of Tarland

Aurora over Recumbent & Flankers ab031021

23.19hrs and the stone circle again sets off the full Corona, from its zenith to the North Easterly skyline

Red Aurora Rays over Stones ab031023

Slightly less squint the silhouette of the Tomnaverie Circle on the top of its small hill gives a perfect setting for a heavely light show that its Bronze Age builders probably marvelled at as well

Scottish Aurora over Tomnaverie RSC ab031034

Nearing the end of the main display, this Northerly viewpoint over towards the Slack of Tillylodge shows rays in the more usual Aurora settings for North East Scotland

Aurora to North of Deeside ab031035

23.35hrsUT and near the end of the Tomnaverie visit but a few strong rays flare off towards the North, with nothing by now overhead or to the south



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