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CITY OF ABERDEEN      Page One: This Page Selection                     Link to Page Two: Beach & Footdee

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Note: Larger versions of these photos are on my online library Crooktree.com and on Alamy.

Aberdeen City Bon Accord SM6201JHP

Aberdeen Coat of Arms called Bon Accord on many of lamp posts lining the major dual carriageways, this one the Great Southern Road near Sycamore Place

Dawn over Aberdeen Beach SM6702JHP

Dawn over groynes at Aberdeen Beach near the main entertainment centre

Aberdeen Sunrise at beach links SM6802JHP

Dawn sunlight breaks through main entrance into entertainment complex on the esplanade at Aberdeen Beach

Old Pilot House Footdee SO39037JHP

Old Pilot House on North Pier at Footdee looking across the River Dee mouth to Torry part of Aberdeen

Azaleas in Aberdeen Hazlehead SO43028JHP

May azaleas in full flower in north west corner of Hazlehead Park

Hazlehead Park Aberdeen City SO43048JHP

Peaceful corner of Hazlehead Park near the putting green and azalea displays

Aberdeen City Skyline SO5956JHP

Aberdeen City skyline taken from Salvation Army Citadel tower looking westwards along Union Street with the tall tower of the Town House

Union Terrace Gardens Flowers SO8425JHP

Floral displays in Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens looking up to the right hand dome of His Majesty's Theatre and St Mark's dome on left

Aberdeen Park Floral Display SO8426JHP

Floral displays in Aberdeen Union Terrace Gardens looking up to the right hand dome of His Majesty's Theatre and St Mark's dome on left

Aberdeen Fishmarket Dawn SO8950JHP

Dawn light silhouettes trawlermen at work offloading their catch at Aberdeen Fish Market

Fittie Playarea on Aberdeen Beach SO9042JHP

Early morning view to north along Aberdeen esplanade and beach from play park at Footdee

Abstract Rower on River Dee SO9130JHP

Rowing on River Dee in Aberdeen City near Wellington Bridge

Kings College Quad Aberdeen SO9338JHP

Quadrangle of King's College at Aberdeen University

Bronze Figures on Memorial SO9347JHP

Elphinstone Memorial outisde King's Chapel at Aberdeen University

Ornate Gate at Aberdeen University SO9349JHP

Elphinstone Gate into New King's college at Aberdeen University

Flowers displays in Seaton Park SO9375JHP

Flower displays in public Seaton Park looking towards St Machar's Cathedral Kirk

Modern Architecture at Aberdeen ARI SO9617JHP

Towers of the newly completed Children's Hospital at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Snow on Aberdeen Cathedral TO3176382JHP

St Machar's Cathedral Kirk in Aberdeen near the University with a rare covering of snow

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