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These photographs are taken of Luxor Temple with its seated granite statues of Ramses 11, the remaining obelisk, pylon and avenue of sphinxes. Larger versions of these photographs are available on Crooktree.com as well as on Alamy.

Luxor Temple 4700EG07JHP

View of front of Luxor Temple pylon, great statues of Ramses 11 and the remaning obelisk as first viewed after paying for tickets at the entrance

Luxor Temple 4702EG07JHP

The huge seated granite statues of Ramses 11 at the entrance to Luxor Temple through the first pylon with a Crescent on the Abu'l Haggag Mosque which is built into the ancient Egyptian temple

Luxor Ramses Statue 4707EG07JHP

Looking through the enytrance of the first pylon of Luxor Temple with one of the large granite seated statues of its creator Ramses 11

Egypt Obelisk 4710EG07JHP

The only remaining obelisk in front of the pylon of Luxor Temple constructed under the reign of Ramses 11. The other obelisk was gifted to France in 1833 and is in the Place de La Concorde

Avenue Sphines Luxor 4712EG07JHP

View of the front of Luxor Temple from the Avenue of Sphinxes erected by Nectanebo 1 around 400BC and they once stretched all the way to Karnak Temple

Luxor Pylon Relief 4742EG07JHP

Scenes from the Battle of Kadish glorifying the success of Ramses 11 on the left hand face of his Luxor Temple first pylon exterior

Luxor Temple Pylon 4743EG07JHP

Face on view of the first pylon of Luxor Temple on the east bank of the River Nile and dating from around 1250BC at the start of the Avenue of Sphinxes

Luxor Statue Carving 4746EG07JHP

Sharp and detailed carvings on granite at the base of the great seated statue of Ramses 11 at Luxor Temple signifying the union of Upper and Lower Egypt

Luxor Statue Pylon 4768EG07JHP

Exaggerated wide angle view of the first pylon and right hand seated statue of Ramses 11 at Luxor Temple


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