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This is a selection of photographs of various Stone Circles and Recumbent Stone Circles in Aberdeenshire, loosely situated to the NORTH of the River Dee.

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Cullerlie Stone Circle scdon001

The Cullerlie Stone Circle near Garlogie viewed from the NE and giving a sense of this well ordered small circle only of stones as aganist the more common Aberdeenshire recumbent style.

Centre of Cullerlie Circle scdon002

A close up of the central stones at Cullerlie with a possible cremation pyre and burial centre pit.

Sunhoney Scottish Stone Circle scdon003

North easterly of the overall site at Sunhoney near Echt and a still very evocative example of the Aberdeenshire Recumbent Stone Circle

Sunhoney Recumbent Stone Circle scdon004

The apparently low and very large recumbent (altar) stone with its upright and shapely flankers set in its circle of mature trees makes Sunhoney one of the most picturesque of North Eastern Scotland Stone Circles

Monolith at Sunhoney Circle scdon005

Standing like a killer whale fin this monolith forms a complete outer ing at Sunhoney overlooking the Mid Mar road to Tarland and is not far from the famous Mid Mar Kirk circle

Mid Mar Recumbent Stone Circle scdon006

The Mid Mar Kirk with its recumbent stone circle, an illustration of the ongoing spiritual nature of this site spanning thousands of years

Cothiemuir Flankers Scotland scdon007

The substantial flankers and recumbent of the Keig Stone Circle near Keig in Strathdon

Cothiemuir Stone Cricle scdon008

From this viewpoint more of the remaining site at Keig is visible, a year before the Cothiemuir site was excavated by Reading University in September 2001

Scottish Stone Circle at Keig scdon009

The Cothiemuir Wood site of the Keig Recumbent Stone Circle from the usual approach two years after the Reading dig in 2001

Recumbent Stone Circle scdon010

The recumbent and flankers at Keig in the summer of 2003 with the central stone looking like a massive beached whale

Strathdon Stone Circle Centre scdon011

The Keig site viewed from a central burial pit and with recent evidence of maybe modern spiritual activity although whether pink candles where around in the bronze Age is debatable?

Stone Circle on Donside scdon012

The glistening monolith of quartz gives a focus for the Recumbent Stone Circle at Easter Aquhorthies and a distant Bennachie near Inverurie

Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle scdon013

The glorious colour of the flankers and recumbent of the Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle gives this Aberdeenshire circle a very special quality

Kirkton of Bourtie RSC scdon014

Overlooking the Inverurie to Oldmeldrum Rd is the recumbent and large pointed flanker of the Kirkton of Burtie stone circle

Kirkton of Bourtie Recumbent Flanker scdon015

When accessible after the harvest, the remaining flanker frames this panoramic view over the River Don and Inverurie to distant Bennachie

Loanhead of Daviot RSC scdon017

The Loanhead of Daviot Recumbent Stone Circle north of Inverurie on the Rothienorman Road is probably the largest and best kept stone circle in Aberdeenshire

Daviot Recumbent & Ring Cairn scdon017

Moving closer, the main recumbent circle is viewed over an adjacent ring cairn, another unique feature of the Daviot site

Recumbent Stone Circle Monoliths scdon018

The relatively small recumbent and flankers are viewed from one of the out lying monoliths and dating as most of these sites from the Bronze age around 2000bc

Loanhead Stone Circle and Monolith scdon019

A more recent photograph of the Loanhead of Daviot in very different light shows the other side of the circle from a large monolith

Weird Shapes at Loanhead Circle scdon020

The flankers surround the recumbent with weird grotesque shapes which one sfeels where chosen for their unique shapes and not as a result of 4000years of weathering.

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