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There are a selection of Aberdeenshire Stone Circle sites illustrated in the photographs on this page from Tomnaverie, Eslie and The Nine Stanes on Royal Deeside to the Donside and Buchan sites such as Easter Aquhorthies and the Kirkton of Bourtie between Inverurie and Old Meldrum.

There are larger versions of these photographs on Crooktree.com, my own online library and on Alamy.


Tomnaverie RSC Deeside TO4129151JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle looking towards Morven Hill

Tomnaverie Outer monolith TO4129154JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle from outer circle monolith

Tomnaverie monolith near Tarland TO4129155JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle looking towards the flankers and recumbent

Nine Staines RSC near Mulloch TO4139180JHP

Nine Stanes Stone Circle fallen flanker and recumbent

Nine Staines Stone Circle TO4139195JHP

Nine Stanes Stone Circle set in Mulloch commercial larch and pine forest

Evening Light on Tomnaverie Circle UP381019JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle flankers and recumbent in evening sunlight

Castle Fraser Stone Circle Donside UP673773JHP

Castle Fraser Stone Circle in Aberdeenshire viewed through two large avenue monoliths

Easter Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle Easter Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle UP673809JHP

Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle near Inverurie on Donside in Aberdeenshire

Easter Aquhorthies Recumbent and Flankers UP673810JHP

Easter Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle with huge west flanker

Scottish Stone Crcile near Inverurie UP673812JHP

Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle with flankers and recumbent stones

Aberdeenshire Recumbent Stone Circle UP673817JHP

Easter Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle with large easterly flanker

Stone Circle monoliths and Bennachie UP673822JHP

Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle ring of monoliths and Bennachie in distance

Tomnaverie looking to Morven Hill UP757672JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle on November morning looking towards Morven Hill

Winter Sahdows at TomnaverieUP757674JHP

Tomnaverie Stone Circle with winter shadows looking westwards to Morven Hill near Tarland.

Eslie the Greater RSC VN0123JHP

Eslie the Greater Stone Circle recumbent and flanker looking west

Esslie the Greater Stone Circle VN0126JHP

Eslie the Greater Recumbent Stone Circle looking to Feughside & Scolty Hill

Aberdeenshire Recumbent and Flanker VN0137JHP

Eslie the Greater flankers and recumbent looking eastwards

Feughside from Eslie Stone Monolith VN0140JHP

Eslie the Greater Stone Circle view to Scolty Hill from outer monolith

Eslie Stone Circle Monoliths VN0149JHP

Eslie the Greater looking to Tilquhillie Hill from monoliths

Monolith at Scottish Circle VN0150JHP

Eslie the Greater flanker looking towards Mulloch Forest

Eslie the Greater Stone Circle panorama VN0153JHP

Eslie the Greater Stone Circle looking westwards from near Mulloch road

Eslie Stone Circle from Road VN0155JHP

Eslie the Greater from field and old stone heap

Eslie RSC from field rubble VN0158JHP

Eslie the Greater from field looking up Feughside

Eslie Stone Circle from Gorse VN0160JHP

Eslie the Greater viewed from the Mulloch Road with gorse in flower in foreground

Kirkton of Bourtie Stone Circle VQ814JHP

Kirkton of Bourtie Stone Circle north of Inverurie and looking towards Bennachie Hill

Glassel Stones after forest clearing VR0271JHP

Glassel Stone Circle in 2008 after recent clear felling has destroyed the spiritual feel when enclosed in the trees

Cothiemuir Wood Recumbent Stone Circle VS2540JHP

The recumbent and flankers of the Bronze Age stone circle called Cothiemuir near Keig in the Strathdon area of Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland and nearby is a new Natural Burial site

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