Aberdeenshire Professional Photographer,  Royal Deeside, with Photo Library of Aberdeenshire & Scotland, Scottish Aurora Borealis displays and photographs of Ancient Egyptian sites from Cairo to Abu Simbel


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SEASONS, Clouds, Sunsets and Dawns

Photographs on these pages are available in larger size and with more details on my own Crooktree.com online library or on Alamy.com

Autumn Dawn Aberdeenshire SO10441JHP  Autumn Dawn over Deeside SO10443JHPScottish Autumn Sunrise SO10444JHP  Stormy Sunbeams on Deeside SO11031JHP Autumn Beech Leaves SO11502JHP

 Aberdeenshire Autumn Light SO11548JHP Glen Dye Autumn Colours SO11823JHPWater of Dye Aberdeenshire SO13042JHP  Scottish Autumn Water of Dye SO13043JHP Scottish Autumn Mists SO13207JHP

 Autumn Mists Scotland SO13208JHP Frosted Grass SO14207JHPSnow at Auchindour St Marys Kirk TO17211JHP Falls of Feugh Snow Scene TO3156258JHP Christmas Card Snow River Feugh TO3156265JH

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