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The photographs in this Gallery are views of the excavation of the Tomnaverie Recumbent Stone Circle near Tarland, to the north of the River Dee, which was undertaken by Reading University. The work on the site was for two seasons during 1999 and 2000 under the leadership of Professor Richard Bradley. The photographs are all high views from the observation tower and show the progress of the dig during both seasons, from the middle of March 1999 through until the 23 April, 2000.

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Tomnaverie Stone Circle overview tomhv001

First highview from a partially erected tower on the 22 March 1999 before the 'original' topsoil had been removed and the team had their first taste of warm sunny Tarland weather.

Stone Circle revealed tomhv002

24th March and a remarkable transformation of the site within two days and a fully erected tower in operation with my ultra wide lenses offering full coverage of Tomnaverie

Tomnaverie Main Site View tomhv003

29th March 1999 and the dig progresses but more slowly with a concentration on the area around the toppled flankers and the recumbent lying on its side.

Stone Circle near Tarland tomhv004

4th April and the overall site has been well cleared and its overall structure is beginning to become much clearer to the team. The distant hill is Morvern with the village of Tarland off to the top right

First Season Final View tomhv005

11th April 1999 and last overhead of Tomnaverie Recumbent Stone Circle prior to the end of the first season's archaeological excavation

Second Season at Tomnaverie tomhv006

6th April, 2000 and after the covers have been removed and the tower erected, the new season starts with the monoliths showing clearly a sense of the radials identified from last season

Tomnaverie after restoration tomhv007

14th April, 2000 and Tomnaverie Stone Circle had that morning a major makeover with restored monoliths, flankers and the recumbent put back into position. A major recording exercise is obviously underway.

Stone Circle Structure tomhv008

13th April 2000 and a snow storm helps give clarity to the basic stone circle structure and gives you a comparison the day before the major restoration of the site, an aim from the outset

Stone Circle Kerb Excavation tomhv009

22nd April, 2000 and the large trench from the south is discernible as well as extensive excavation to the northern kerb area as Tomnaverie reveals more of its construction phases

Tomnaverie Stone Circle Revealed tomhv010

23rd April 2000 and the last opportunity to get a high view as the dig is completed and restoring the topsoil will start the following day. This wide angle photo and the high view gives a sense of the location of the Tomnaverie Stone Circle on its small hiiltop.

Stone Circle As Was tomhv011

23rd April, 2000 and probably the last time the Tomnaverie Stone Circle will be seen uncovered and much as its original builders would have known over 4000 years ago.

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