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The photographs on this page are from some of the recently restored and open to the public chapel-tombs and mastabas in the Western Cemetery adjacent to the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza near Cairo. These private tombs were constructed during the same period as that of the pyramids and where mainly used by government officials and other dignitaries serving the reigning pharaoh at the time.


Relief on door of Senegemib-inti tomb


Relief on the door of the entrance into Tomb-chapel (G2370) of Senegemib-inti, a Chief Justice and Vizier during reign of Djedefre

Relief with different River Nile fishes


Relief on outside of the tomb-chapel of Senegemib-inti showing selection of fish probably fished for in the River Nile

Wall relief with fishing boat in tomb G2370


Probably a small fishing boat for fowling in the River Nile reed banks or fishing

View across to tomb G2378 from G2370


View from tomb-chapel G2370 to the entrance of G2378, that of Senegemib-mehu, son of Senegemib-inti

Senegemib-mehu entrance from Senegemib-inti tomb


View from tomb-chapel G2370 to the entrance of G2378, that of Senegemib-mehu, son of Senegemib-inti

Hieroglyphs at tomb entrance of Segenemib-mehu


Hieroglyphic carvings at entrance to tomb-chapel of Segenemib-mehu which was open on the day I visited

Nile boat in wall relief in Segenemib-mehu tomb


Wall relief inside the tomb-chapel of Segenemib-mehu showing a small River Nile craft

Large River Nile sailing boat relief inside tomb


Wall relief inside the tomb-chapel of Segenemib-mehu showing a large River Nile craft with multiple rowers


Wall relief with family of Nile hippos


River Nile hippos recorded on a wall relief in the tomb-chapel of Segenemib-mehu who was Chief Justice & Architect during Unas reign

False wall in tomb of Khenementi No G2374


False door inside the Tomb-chapel of Khenementi, son of Segenemib-inti

Wall relief in Akhetmehu tomb-chapel


Border round false door, possibly of Akhetmehu in tomb No G2375, a Judge and Elder during reign of Merene 1 and Pepy 11

Erosion of limestone mastaba of Senegemib-mehu


Good example of erosion of the soft limestone used for many of the mastabas in the Western Cemetery; this is tomb No G2378

View into Segenemib-mehu tomb through door


False door viewed through locked gate into tomb-chapel of Segenemib-mehu

Wall relief of Neferbauptah, son of Iymery


Interior wall relief near  mastaba entrance of Neferbauptah, son of Iymery and who was a Steward & Prophet

Painted wall relief in mastaba of Neferbauptah


Painted and colourful wall relief inside the mastaba No G6010 of Neferbauptah serving to several pharaohs in the middle to late Dynasty V

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